Is Fear Running Your Life?

photoI recently got back from the most incredible 3-day event in San Diego!

It was a workshop for coaches/personal development junkies like myself and there was literally one A-ha moment after another.

It was one big room full of dancing, hugging, laughing and crying.

I’m still buzzing from the whole experience, walking around like a dazed grinning maniac. I love it!

I use to feel so ashamed for being into this “stuff”, but truth is I’ve always preferred things like seminars, learning, spirituality and reading to being in “da club” or getting wasted.

I loooove being in an environment that’s all about healing and transformation and expansion.

I felt right at home talking about some really deep stuff with total strangers and walked away with a few lifelong friends in the process.

I had to share one of the powerful questions from this weekend with you. Are you ready? OK, close your eyes and take a moment to ask yourself the following…

If I were the bravest possible version of myself, I would___________.

Here’s what came to mind for me.

If I were the bravest possible version of myself, I would…

host workshops, approach some of the “big names” in my industry and fully put myself out into the world as a Health & Body Coach with total confidence. I would make decisions in my business without asking others what they think, tell everyone I meet what I do and show my ever-changing personality in everything I write, shoot, create and produce. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.


What’s the first thing you thought of?

Write that down and then ask yourself what prevents you from doing that? Usually it’s some form of fear.

Can you take action anyway, even if it’s uncomfortable and scary?

Because the fear is never going away. As soon as we get one thing, the next desire is born and right alongside it is your old faithful friend, fear. But what if you thought of fear as your ally and guide? What if…

Your biggest fears are leading the way to your biggest dreams! (Tweet it)

Double Woah!!

Tell me in the comments below what you’d do as the bravest version of you.

And if you’re ready to make your BIG dream happen, click here to set up a complimentary private consultation and see how we can work together in the new year!





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