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Seven Tips For Improving Your Coaching Package So It Sells Like Hotcakes


In theory being in business is super simple. You create something to sell. Then you get it in front of people so they can buy. Like most things…sooooo simple… but not all that easy. If it was – we’d all be kajillionaires by now. Here are 7 ways to improve your coaching package so they […]

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How to create 5 months of content in 10 minutes


Happy Fall girlfriend!! I shot this new training video to carry you through these cold autumnal months, No longer will you have to query nor ponder what to write for your wonderful audience who awaits your content with baited breath. Alas! You will have content for dayzzzzz! OK I’ve been reading a lot of classic […]

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Join My FREE Mastermind!!


Hello dahhhling! I’ve decided to start an online community over on The Facebook (release the confetti!!). It’s called #Nextlevelsquad and it’s all about taking your biz and life to new heights. After debating for eons about whether to start a group or not I’m finally diving in. It can get SUPER lonely building an online […]

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